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Irrigation landscape lighting

For examples of the following techniques, please visit our Lighting Gallery.

Grazing Grazing
Used on walls, the fixture is placed close to the wall and aimed upwards to dramatically bring out texture of surfaces through shadows.
Moon Lighting

Moon Lighting
Fixtures are mounted in trees to downlight through branches and leaves, creating a natural soft moonlighting effect.

Down Lighting
Like moonlighting, fixtures can be placed on structures to provide either focal lighting of landscape features or for utility lighting of usable areas.

Path/Area Lighting Path/Area Lighting
Small path or 'area' fixtures are placed along walkways or in planter beds to provide surface lighting for safety or to highlight plant materials, etc.
Spread/Flood Lighting Spread/Flood Lighting
A non-directional fixture is used to broadly "wash" a wall, landscape feature, or other object with light.
Shadowing Shadowing
Spot or flood fixtures shine through smaller plant material, broadcasting a "scene" of shadows on an otherwise uninteresting wall.
Silhouetting Silhouetting
A wall or other surface is light behind a uniquely shaped plant or other feature, creating a dramatic dark silhouette.
Spot Lighting Accent Lighting
A more tightly focused beam of light is aimed at a tree, focal point, or other landscape feature to bring it out in contrast to its surroundings.
Step Lighting Photo Step Lighting
Various types of surface mount fixtures can be used to provide safety lighting on man made steps, decks, or walkways.
Security Lighting Security Lighting
A landscape lighting design should by itself create a more secure environment in your yard.  Additionally, motion control or security systems can be used to trigger more intensive area lighting if needed.
Up Lighting Up Lighting
Uplighting from the base adds security and provides an excellent way to highlight singular beauty of more appealing trees, especially flowering ones. Fixtures must be placed outside of the dripline if the flowers are on the outside of the canopy and/or the foliage is dense. Fixtures can be placed close to the trunk if the flowers are spread throughout the canopy and/or the foliage is light. Downlighting from within a tree adds security and can be used to light up blower beds or other ares of interest around the base.
Underwater Lighting
Ponds and water features can be lit from under the water, creating unique lighting ambiance, often providing 'motion of light' from the surface movement of water.

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