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Why Use a Professional Lighting Contractor?

The most important qualities in an outdoor lighting contractor are communication, experience and service.

From our headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas, Lawn Master Systems serves the Kansas City metropolitan area. We have built our reputation by providing personal attention as we design, install and maintain outdoor lighting systems. Additionally, our training and certifications give us the technical and creative design skills to provide you with innovative, energy-efficient options.

Expertise and safety

Low-voltage landscape lighting is supposed to be safe and installation doesn't require a licensed contractor. However, installing low-voltage lights is more than simply sticking fixtures in the ground, plugging a cord into a socket and flipping a switch. If these lighting systems are not installed correctly, per industry and safety standards, they can be a “shock” to the installer or homeowner.

There are no clearly defined national standards for low-voltage outdoor lighting. In most states, a test given to license low-voltage contractors has little to do with the actual work they perform. The Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals (AOLP) believes this lack of standards has a profound impact on the safety and quality of services.

Because of our professional training, continuing education and certifications, we pride ourselves on having the design and installation expertise you need. Belonging to the AOLP, Mike is the only certified low-voltage lighting technician (CLVLT, #0526) in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area and follows AOLP installation and service guidelines. We are also committed to safety by using only professionally engineered products from reputable manufacturers with UL®1838 tested listings.

Responsible lighting

“Responsible lighting” is term that addresses the issue of light pollution. As a member of the International Dark-Sky Association, Lawn Master Systems designs “dark skies friendly” outdoor lighting to minimize glare, reduce light trespass and offer options to reduce energy consumption.

Low-voltage halogen systems are cheaper to operate than standard line-voltage incandescent lamps. And the new LED systems can now provide equal light output while using up to 75% less energy than the average incandescent systems. Because a LED system can offer more energy-saving solutions, enhanced flexibility and lower maintenance costs, we can install an entire LED system or retrofit traditional low voltage fixtures with LED lamps in an existing halogen-incandescent system.

Overall factors to consider in choosing an outdoor lighting contractor

Expertise, technical skills, customized designs to fit homeowners' needs and property, astronomical timers, zone control options, warranty protection and maintenance contracts are all elements to consider why you purchase a landscape lighting system. They also make up the list of reasons to use a professional contractor, such as Lawn Master Systems.

How your outdoor lighting contractor handles all these components of the system can make a big difference in the life of your system, energy consumption, investment value, and the safety and security for your home. With a professional contractor like Lawn Master Systems, your well-being will never be in question.

With a professional, your well being will never be in question.

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