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Irrigation landscape lighting

Landscape Lighting

Photo of Vicki with other AOLP members

Lighting Workshop Project
Vicki with other AOLP members donated their time and materials to illuminate the Ronald McDonald House during an Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals conference in Phoenix, AZ

“Landscape lighting can extend the enjoyment and beauty of your home at night.”

Regardless of the style or age of your home, you can welcome guests and family with the beauty and practical benefits of low-voltage outdoor lighting. You will make your home for inviting and beautiful at night and extend the hours you have available to entertain outdoors.

A well-designed residential outdoor lighting system will:

  • Enhance your home investment year-round
  • Expand outdoor living space
  • Minimize safety and security concerns

Low-voltage outdoor lighting systems can be used to:

  • Light driveways, walkways and steps to prevent accidents
  • Illuminate hidden areas and help discourage prowlers
  • Highlight landscape focal points, such as unique trees or flowers, and architectural features, such as columns, sculptures or fireplace chimneys, maximizing curb appeal and camouflaging unattractive spaces
  • Accent pools, ponds, fountains and other water features
  • Add ambience to outside living and entertaining spaces by extending your outdoor activities into the evening hours and enhancing your pool, deck or patio area, and outdoor kitchen and barbeque, as well as rock walls and fire pits
  • Showcase the outdoor view from inside your home year-round
  • Reduce electric costs vs. standard-voltage lights

The Lighting Design Process

Before creating a lighting design, it's important that a Lawn Master Systems professional meet with you to learn your needs, how you want to use the space to be lighted and the unique qualities of your property.

Working with the architectural features and plant life involved, we can create unique and creative designs to fit your goals. We'll consider safety, security and aesthetic components to create a custom design just for you.

A creative design requires that we take into account a variety of techniques involving:

  • Choice of fixtures and lamps
  • Different lenses for special effects
  • Astronomical timers
  • On/off zone controls for specific areas
  • The best locations for installing fixtures so the lighting achieves the desired effects year-round.
  • Minimal disturbance to your lawn and landscape
  • Flexibility for changing needs

(See a list of AWARDS we received from the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals.)

Because the elements involved in landscape lighting can change over time, maintenance and adjustment of your system are crucial to preserving the integrity of your lighting design. We offer a renewable annual maintenance program and warranties to ensure your system will continue to operate properly year after year.

Saving energy

Since 2002, electric rates have risen by an average of more than 25%, encouraging solutions to control energy use. Beginning 2012, incandescent light bulbs will probably not be sold as they have been in the past and possibly banned in 2014. As a result, experts predict LEDs (light-emitting diodes) will replace traditional incandescent/halogen lamps. An investment in outdoor lighting must be based on quality, efficiency and sustainability in today's “green” environment.

We use the right amount lighting the right place so light and energy are not wasted. We believe our lighting systems can reduce your energy demand and help protect the environment. Whether we're installing an incandescent/halogen or LED system, it will operate with UL-tested products and be energy-efficient as well as “dark skies” friendly to minimize glare and reduce light trespass.

Either an incandescent/halogen or LED system can be designed to creatively illuminate trees, gardens, sculpture, shrubbery, and water and architectural features using a variety of lighting techniques. Lawn Master Systems is an award-winning master of these techniques.

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