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“We can help you achieve a beautiful lawn and landscape.... even during the hottest of summers.”

Today, most homeowners are concerned about water conservation and reducing water bills. Maybe you've spent hours hauling hoses to water your entire lawn, you've probably under watered or over watered areas. Or your system was installed over the last 20 years and now it is considered obsolete by wasting water with inefficient sprinkler heads, poor uniformity and poorly managed timer controls.

With our irrigation systems you can automatically water at regular intervals with precise applications, meet the needs of different areas and adjust your watering to accommodate rain amounts and seasonal changes. And by applying smart practices and new technology, such as replacing a controller, upgrading sprinkler heads and adding new climate controls to an existing system, can help reduce water bills and be more eco-friendly in watering habits.

In addition, many companies charge homeowners annually to turn systems on/off due to seasonal changes. We have always installed our systems by using all copper plumbing inside and outside the home to the main line. As a result, our systems are designed so you can drain and turn on your systems yourself, saving at least $750 in service fees the first five years.

A well-designed irrigation system:

  • Carefree systems allow you to turn systems on/off yourself and save over $150 annually in service fees
  • Use the latest technology to water your landscape without wasting water efficiently and effectively
  • Provide easy control over irrigation timing for overnight or early-morning watering
  • Save the hassle and inconsistency of over/under watering by hand
  • Installed with minimal disturbance to lawn and landscape areas
  • Keep your lawn healthy and green
  • Protect your landscape investment from eroding away
  • Enhance curb appeal and value of your home with thicker, greener lawn and landscape
  • Reduce consumption and help reduce water bills
  • Irrigation schedules can be automatically adjusted based on local weather data

Our well-designed systems offer the convenience of automation plus reliable options and technology for water conservation and efficient water distribution. Controls, such as flow-control nozzles, climate-based controllers and wireless rain sensors, are beneficial and even required for irrigation systems in some areas. Through wind, hail and blazing sun, wired or wireless products now gather your local weather data and determine whether or not your lawn needs to be watered. Automation and technology options can offer convenience, as well as reduce your consumption and help reduce your water bill.

We also use only quality products with features that can add value and function to your lifestyle. All of our systems are designed to protect your landscaping investment by keeping your lawn and landscaping looking its best and giving you the thick, green lawn and beautiful landscape you've always wanted.

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