Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

“Landscape lighting can extend the enjoyment and beauty of your home at night.”

A well-designed residential outdoor lighting system will:
  • Enhance your home investment year-round
  • Expand outdoor living space
  • Minimize safety and security concerns
Low-voltage outdoor lighting systems can be used to:
  • Light driveways, walkways and steps to prevent accidents
  • Illuminate hidden areas and help discourage prowlers
  • Highlight landscape focal points, such as unique trees or flowers, as well as architectural features, accent pools, ponds, fountains and other water features
  • Add ambience to outdoor living and entertaining spaces
  • Showcase the outdoor view from inside your home year-round
  • Reduce electric costs vs. standard-voltage lights

The Lighting Design Process

Before creating a lighting design, it’s important that a Lawn Master Systems professional meet with you to learn your needs, how you want to use the space to be illuminated and the unique qualities of your property.


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LED Systems

“Upfront costs are slightly higher, but with rising electricity costs, LEDs offer long-term cost savings and 75% less electricity than halogen systems!”

  • LEDs (light emitting diodes) are environmentally friendly and solid-state devices. They don’t contain mercury, moving parts, glass or filaments to break.
  • Long-term cost savings for energy, product and maintenance are reduced over the life of the system or about 10-15 years.
  • Pure, warm white light (Color temperature of LEDs average 2700 Kelvin similar to most halogen lamps.)
  • LEDs average 40,000 hours which eliminates annual lamp replacement for 10 -15 years.
  • Low energy consumption (Fixtures consume approximately 75% less electricity than an incandescent/halogen of similar lumens. For an average system on 6 hours/day, LEDs use 80.2 watts, incandescent use 340 watts.)
  • LED fixtures are more expensive than halogen but require less transformer wattage capacity and smaller wire which reduces cost for the transformer and wire.
  • 10-15 year warranty for fixtures with integrated LEDs (The LED is engineered as part of the entire fixture and requires the fixture be replaced.)
  • 5-year warranty for retrofit LED lamps (When the LED burns out or needs higher watts; the lamp is replaced.)
  • No replacement lamp costs for 10-15 years, reduces the overall cost of an annual maintenance program.

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