“We can help you achieve a beautiful lawn and landscape… even during the hottest of summers.”

With our irrigation systems you can automatically water at regular intervals with precise applications, meet the needs of different areas and adjust your watering to accommodate rain amounts and seasonal changes. Applying “smart water practices” and new technology, such as replacing a controller, upgrading sprinkler heads, adding new climate controls to an existing system and rain sensors, you can reduce water bills and be more eco-friendly in watering habits.

  • Carefree irrigation systems allow you to turn systems on/off yourself and save over $150 annually in service fees
  • Our systems are installed with minimal disturbance to lawn and landscape areas
  • Enhance curb appeal and value of your home with thicker, greener lawn and landscape
  • Reduce consumption and help reduce water bills
  • Irrigation schedules can be automatically adjusted based on local weather data

For questions about new or existing commercial/residential sprinkler, please complete the Contact Us form, call 913-967-6910, or email to schedule a meeting.